Rim Rock Space Center
                  Meditation and Relaxation Retreat Chiang Rai, northernmost Thailand
ww Rim Rock has not yet opened. We plan to open soon, but are short of staff. If you or someone you know is interested in assisting, let us know. We can offer free accommodation plus an arrangement for payment, depending on a person's skills. GPS coordinates: 19 55' 56" N  by  99 47' 49" E

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When you get to Rim Rock, you're in a lovely small valley with no traffic. We command the apex of a large hill with innumerable boulders and trees strewn about, birds singing, and lovely views. Below is a brief video showing 220 degree view from center of Rim Rock universe. Yoga, Meditation and More
offered at Rim Rock

music, creative painting on limestone, kirtan, rock climbing, caving, great food, ......and more

fee: from $180 for 3-day weekend, .....to $360 for full week, all inclusive!
Located at a secluded rural retreat in northernmost Thailand, 5 Km NW of Chiang Rai, a tourist town in northern Thailand. We're 2 Km north of a the Mae Kok river, and 70 minutes drive from both the Burmese and Laos borders.

ww   There are camp sites at various places - some nestled between large boulders and others along grassy hillsides among grapefruit, avocado wild fig, and nut trees. There are also facilities, including an open air restaurant, restrooms, shower stalls, and several meditation alcoves. One of the larger meditation spots is an open-air roofed space which leans up against a house-sized boulder.

That boulder is called 'White Rock' even though it's shades of gray. The gray is actually a minutely thin covering (oxidation?), and if you take a rock in hand, and scratch any part of that boulder, it will show sparkly white crystals. Indeed, it's likely the entire house-sized rock is made of compacted white crystal, hence its name. 

Around that rock is a brick path - which can be used for 'kirtan.' Kirtan is an old Sanskrit word, roughly translated means: walking with others single file, while singing or chanting. So, what better place to partake in a kirtan, than in a pristine natural environment, walking around a large boulder of pure white crystal? 

In the evening, you might want to relax in hot tub, or join in with others around a fire circle. Vehicles are disallowed from driving up to the main area after dark, and they're discouraged from driving up any other time, except when it can't be avoided (for maintenance, etc) in order to preserve the tranquil atmosphere ('bhav' in Sanskrit) of the secluded property.

Rising above Rim Rock's main area, along its entire east side, is a 200 meter long wall of limestone cliffs which soar a further 100 meters up. 

The main area affords expansive views from southeast to northwest (220 degrees) which stretch out for miles. When you see the sunset at a seashore, you see about three miles out to sea - a pleasant view, for sure. Yet, when you see a sunset from Rim Rock, you see it set beyond five miles of rolling hills - and that's from the main area. If you happen to trek up to the top of the rock face, the view becomes 360 degrees, and the sun sets beyond about 25 miles of undulating purple hills.

Rim Rock's Castle Cottage
Totally unique and secluded place to stay - Honeymoon anyone?

All in all, Rim Rock is shaping up as a tranquil and secluded place for relaxing, meditation, and yoga. Located near Chiang Rai in northernmost Thailand, Rim Rock offers a unique space for freeing oneself from life's patterns and constrictions.

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 Farm Stay in enchanting rural setting
in northernmost Thailand, near Burma and Laos
Lodging with own kitchen and solar hw shower, near tourist town. Added option: Add-on: Join in archaeological dig on-site.


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